Rob Abrazado

I want to help you get things done.

As an experienced programmer, administrator, writer, and editor, I offer a variety of support services to help see your project to completion and keep your operation running.

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What I Can Do for You

Programming and System Administration

Developing software, creating custom tools and integrations, managing systems—keeping technology helpful.

I have more than 15 years of both full-time and freelance software development and database administration. Programming and technology management has been part of nearly every job I've ever done.

Technical Writing and Communication

Documentation, instructional texts, communication with non-technical stakeholders—getting information where it needs to be.

I am comfortable at all levels of technical documentation, including documenting code, APIs, and end-user materials, and I've written and reviewed corporate policy and procedure manuals.

Management and Operations

Coordinating teams, managing work processes, project management—ensuring things run smoothly and get done.

I was a managing partner helping oversee all operations at Misdirected Mark Productions, a podcast and streaming network, and I was a business operations professional at Triton Digital, a media tech company.

Podcast/Audio Drama
Editing and Production

Sound mixing, content editing, post-production effects—producing quality podcasts and audio dramas.

I have over five years of experience producing, mixing, editing, and sound designing podcasts of various formats: interview/discussion, actual play, audio fiction, and audio essay.


Game Writing and
Narrative Design

Creative collaboration, rules text, descriptive text, and narrative—making game ideas real in both digital and analog spaces.

I am a roleplaying game enthusiast, both play and design, and work equally comfortably with rules and setting text. I have contributed writing to multiple tabletop RPGs and one video game.


Fiction and
Non-fiction Editing

Developmental editing, line/copy editing, and proofreading—ensuring the highest quality finished products.

I have worked at all editing stages of the development process on various projects. As an editor I am collaborative, detail-oriented, and adaptable to a variety of styles.


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